Completed Collaborations


1. Prof. Shobhana Narasimhan (Extending the d-band model of transition metal catalysts to s and p bands)
2. Prof. Swapan Pati (Modeling charge carrier mobilities in two and quasi-two dimensional semiconductors)


1. Prof. Debi Prosad Dogra Project 1 : Abnormal event detection system (The objective of the project is to build a real-time system, which detects the abnormal events in the surveillance videos. The probability of occurrence of such events is very less but it is essential to detect such events and alarm the security officials spontaneously without fail. This will help the authorities to take appropriate action and prevent hazardous incidents from occurring)

Project 2 : Temporal Motif Analyser (The objective of this project is detect activity patterns in time series, called motifs (e.g. car passing, pedestrian crossing) and to find the instant at which they occur, without supervision. This can be used for scene understanding and as a dimensionality reduction step for higher level analysis.

Project 3: Nonchronological Video Synopsis and Indexing : The objective of this project is to implement the video synopsis algorithm and analyze/optimize the implementation of the algorithm using C++ framework with adequate GUI support.