Simulation Platform

Comprehensively Integrated Environment for Advanced Materials Simulations (CINEMAS)

Comprehensively Integrated Environment for Advanced Materials Simulations, or CINEMAS in short, is an integrated platform for managing density functional theory (DFT) calculations. It provides researchers a robust and comprehensive graphical user interface for pre- and post-processing of DFT calculations. CINEMAS also has a job management module which takes care of uploading, submitting and monitoring individual jobs and also manage interdependency of and within a group of jobs in HPC clusters and also downloading the output files to the local machine on completion of the job. There are pre defined work flows to perform particular tasks in an automated manner. It can also be integrated with different DFT codes VASP, Quantum ESPRESSO, ABINIT...etc. Finally users can also generate publication quality plots and graphics within the same platform.

To download CINEMAS, click here