Vision & Mission


Become the Global Knowledge Platform (GKP) for Indian and Korean scientific community to come together for collaborative research in science and engineering to support development of next-generation solutions for specific industrial / technological domains of common interest with benefits for community at large.


To achieve the stated Vision, IKST shall pursue the following objectives:

Identify areas for collaboration

Identify areas of collaboration, researchers, institutes based on complementary skills and strengths to create global research teams.

Platform for collaboration

Set up collaboration between Indian and Korean researchers and institutes in areas of interest through conferences and focused meetings.

Exchange Program

Exchange Program Develop Exchange Programs for researchers and scientists between the two countries by supporting PhD programs, domain-specific workshop and technical forums. This would help create pools of next-generation scientists and engineers.

Technology Development, transfer and localization

Support development of new technologies through collaborative R&D, transfer of technologies to industries and possibly localization for the relevant market.