IKST provides international exposures and opportunities to enthusiastic students and researchers through various exchange programs.

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Welcome to IKST


KIST School

Since 1991, KIST has dedicated itself to educating talented young professionals. KIST School has taken full advantage of KIST's vast experience in the creation and operation of graduate schools. The primary goal of KIST School is to educate future global leaders in S&T research. To do that, we offer three interdisciplinary educational programs backed by more than 50 years of top-notch research and educational experience.

KIST School provides following programs:
- Degree program (UST)
- Dual Degree Program
- Internship Program
- PASET Program

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Each IKST visiting program is very unique because it is designed with collaborative research topic on a case by case basis. 

Up to 6 months

Requirements for eligibility
Students/Researchers at the partner researcher’s lab 

The best part of India was able to learn the knowledge of the theory directly from the experts in the cluster expansion theory. And we were able to request feedback immediately if we had the necessary parts. And there were various experts in different fields, so we could discuss a wide range of subjects. Also, there was nothing to worry about in the local life, thanks to the help of staff who helped us to adjust in India. However, there was an obstacle in the study of the Internet delay time with our country. And we are pleasure because we now have continuing means of contact of experts in the cluster expansion theory.

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What is the image that comes to your mind if you think of “India”? When I told the people that I would stay in India for a while, my father told me about Taj Mahal. My relatives who worried about me talked about many dangers, and my friends talked about curry, caste system, movies etc. I was tensed after listening to my relatives about various dangers and went to IKST. But those who met there made me a completely different image about India. I met Mr. Chandru a driver from IKST when I arrived at Bangalore airport. He was the first Indian I met. He was very friendly and dropped me at the accommodation safe. I still remember the handshake with him when we met. The second day in Bangalore I went to IKST center. The center was modern, clean and neat. It was totally different from my expectation. Once I entered into the entry of the center I got the best impression on the smiles from IKST people welcoming me. During visit of IKST I got lot help and support from the people at IKST. Dr. SeungCheol Lee, the director of IKST gave various information and stories of India. Ms. HyeSoo Lee arranged and supported basic things for my stay during and after working hours. Dr. Mahesh who guided me answered each questions I asked regarding the research. And Dr. Kapil shared snack when his daughter was born. I was able to stay comfortable in India with the kindness and caring of IKST people. Now when I think about India, the kindness of the people at IKST comes up in my mind. Thank for their help and support!

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It was embarrassed when I was asked to come to India and to perform collaborative research with Indian research scientists as I have never been in India and never thought of visiting India before. But I was still excited to come. It was new opportunity to visit another country and to work with foreign researchers. It was surprise that India's common language is English which most Korean people do not recognize. Though the whole program I have improve myself in various ways like English communication skills, knowledge on research topic and crossing the road without signal. It was a great experience that I lived and worked in India and I would like to visit again personally.

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IKST provides real research and development experience to outstanding applicants students by offering internships up to 6 months-long.

Up to 6 months

Requirements for eligibility
- Must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or be expected to receive one 
- Must get an official recommendation from the advisor

It has been a year since I started working for IKST. I am involved in the development of a simulation platform called CINEMAS under the guidance of Dr. Kapil Gupta. It is a great organization to work for. There are excellent researchers working here with innovative mind sets who always motivated me to give my best. The best part is the new technologies you work on and seeing how your hard work makes a mark in the research and development sector. Overall it is a great learning experience for me.

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I participated an internship at IKST as a part of my course work, especially in statistics. I have learned and trained to analyse data through R programming. It was totally helpful as the practical and application work was beyond my current course work. It was really nice experience for me to realize and to learn more about my ability of working skill through the internship. It was happy and proud of that I was part of IKST. Thank all IKST members for the best support!

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